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Come Home

As you're coming to, you're sitting at a dining table. You don't know who's in front of you, but they're supposed to be protecting you.

You feel disoriented, what's happening to you?


Dinner Ditz

Disaster in the kitchen and divorced dad, Peregrine, just wants to stay close to his young daughter, Lottie.  But to do so he must overcome his klutzy kitchen tendencies.


Is there any hope in this good green globe!?


For Peace

Cool, calm, collected. That’s BeBe in a fortune cookie. But when her online girlfriend of several months wants to take their relationship IRL, BeBe can only PANIC! Will her girlfriend like her? Can she make the date on time, with her schedule!? ARE HER LEGS SHAVED!?



Lady's Night Anthology aims to showcase the works of diverse women across the globe. 

Through their anthology, I collaborated with Lindsey Richter, and editor Megan Byrd to create the following pages.



Belakaine wants to get out.  She has to get out. But...

Belakaine is stuck in Town, USA waiting for something to
point her in the right direction to the nearest exit. She's hoping it's college, or the new mysterious girl named Molly,
or anything really!


Brain Weather

Finding balance is hard. And harder yet alone.

Brain Weather is an auto-bio work documenting my journey to finding the hard-won balance that so many suffering from untreated mental health issues must face. Through treatment, finding support, and medication.

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