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Al is a Minnesota-based artist whose work has been published through Sparkler Monthly and multiple anthologies such as Power and Magic and Ladies Night. She holds a BFA in Comic Arts and Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (2013).

Alexis has been self-published since 2007 in addition to her anthology work. Currently, she works as an Adaptive Designer by day and Cartoons by dusk. She enjoys yogurt and spoiling her two cat-sons.

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The Queer Witch Comics Anthology Volume 2

   Power & Magic (2019)

How to Magic LNA Vol 3 

   Ladies' Night Anthology (2015)

Purity: The Post-Yaoi Anthology

   Purity Anthology (2015)

For Peace

   Sparkler Monthly (2015)

Dinner Ditz

   Sparkler Monthly (2014)

Gutter Space

   Dead Cartoonist Sosiety (2013)


House of 1000 Manga: Sparkler Monthly

Anime News Network (2015)

"There's nothing better than the thrill of discovering an artist who's totally unique, and that's the thrill of reading Alexis Cooke, whose artwork reminds me of Natsume Ono and Tove Jansson and Patalliro! but it's really like nothing I've ever seen. Her tapestry-like compositions feel like 1970s shojo manga, with delightfully original use of flowers, emoticons and sound effects drawn with fine thin lines, but her character designs are from another world entirely, handsome men and women with huge noses and pretty, long-lashed eyes. Dinner Ditz, a short story of a few chapters, is the tale of Peregrine, a divorced gay man trying to learn to cook so he can be a better father to his daughter. Help comes in the form of Otho, his cook neighbor, whom Peregrine accidentally runs into in the hallway after one particularly disastrous cooking experiment. Did I mention that Otho is quite fetching? This charming character piece surprises in all kinds of ways, from Peregrine's friendly relationship with his ex-wife Dottie (“You're the best ex-wife any gay could ask for, Dottie!” “Awww! You're the best ex-husband any small-town girl could want!”) to his relationship with his daughter, a character much more complex than the typical moe daughter pixie seen in manga. Most of all, I never thought I'd read a comic that made the “they suck at cooking” cliché actually funny. Alexis’ other ongoing Sparkler story, For Peace, is also a romance. Following two lesbian truckers, youthful Lillian and more experienced convoy-leader BeBe, it follows them through their struggles as they try to balance love with the demands of trucking and life on the road. As Lillie's mom teases her “You only get this excited over fast cars and girls!”"

MCAD and the Minneapolis Scene

The Comics Journal (2013)

"...Gutter Space has a fair amount of strong work. In “Another”, “Okay”, and “Sleep”, Alexis Cooke delves into her near-crippling anxiety with brutal honesty, using a line that’s equal parts spare and unnervingly cute. That cuteness is used to good effect, especially when she draws herself with bunny ears but no mouth, trying to convince herself that she’s OK. “Sleep” is a more naturalistic, delicately-rendered story where exclamations are literally stuck in people’s mouths and a corpse lying in a swamp with a bag over its head is something to be comforted. Cooke addresses horrific imagery in a manner that’s in turns direct and then oblique, restrained, and then sharply visceral. Her work was the most impressive in the book..."


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